Recycling Centre

We are also a wood recycling centre which provides an environmental and economic base for companies who supply timber to us. We are well recognised for our eco-friendly credentials where wood is managed on site and is either made into new products, shredded to become floor boards or is up-cycled.

We add great value to the environment and help to reduce landfill.

We issue certificates to companies who provide timber to us advising on the amount supplied and prevented from going to landfill.

We have recently joined up with One Stop Waste Solutions Ltd in their Not-For-Landfill Campaign to help further reduce waste going to landfill in the north east of Scotland. Likeminded companies sign a pledge and we shall work with them to achieve the environmental goals of this project.

We operate in a very competitive wood recycling sector and with the downturn within the oil sector wood supplies are becoming less. So if you have timber that can be recycled by us just get in touch.

Please note we operate a grading system which we shall explain when you make contact.

Our products

Our products are not only made of recycled timber, but are carefully hand crafted by our staff and trainees to ensure quality is maintained throughout. We may take longer to produce a product, but attention to detail and overall benefits our trainees achieve is remarkable.

Our customers buy our products in the knowledge they will acquire a substantial product, and such a purchase contributes greatly to the running of the centre and education of our trainees.